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Peanuts - in shell

Peanuts with a shell. We have premier, white and normal. We are proud to be one of the pioneers of peanut production in the...

Peanuts kernels & blanched

Peanuts without shell we have different sizes .We are proud to be one of the pioneers of peanut production in the Middle East

White kidney beans

White beans are our products that are distinguished by their color, size and quality...​


As Egypt's principal exporter of potatoes, Goodland manages to maintain a unique ble..


with regard to organic agricuture. Goodland’s long history pass compatible and integrated with the systems of organic agriculture, managed farms over the decades to reach normal rotations for the production of natural without chemicals in all areas of traditional agriculture.


wyh choose us?

Best Quality

We do our best to provide the best quality in all our products.

Certified Organic

Our organic farms offer the best care to get the best product.

Stable Price

We are distinguished by price stability and credibility in buying and selling.

Fast Shipping

Organization in transportation with the best transport companies to ensure product safety.

Full Support

We guarantee our customers full support until the product arrives.